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anal pain cancer

What you need to know about anal cancer

Symptoms and signs of anal cancer include anal bleeding, pain or pressure in the anal area, lump or mass near the anus, anal discharge, and change in bowel habits. Diagnostic tests include health history and rectal exam, anoscopy, and . Anal cancer can cause signs and symptoms such as rectal bleeding and anal pain. Most people with anal cancer are treated with a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. Though combining anal cancer treatments increases the chance of a cure, the combined treatments also increase the risk of side effects. Pain in the anal areas is quite distinct regarding location and the small area of it. You may experience a feeling of fullness or swelling which makes it uncomfortable to sit or move around. The spread of cancerous cells can cause . Anal pain cancer Anal pain cancer Anal pain cancer

2. Anal Pain

Anal pain cancer Anal pain cancer How to Quit Smoking Continued Care. The accumulating abnormal cells form a mass tumor. The sphincter controls bowel movements by contracting and relaxing. Anal cancer rarely spreads metastasizes to distant parts of the body. Screening frequency recommendations are still being established. The pain you experience may depend on anal pain cancer cancer anal pain cancer and stage, how much the cancer has spread, and how sensitive you are to pain your pain tolerance.
Anal pain cancer Anal pain cancer
Anal pain cancer Anal pain cancer
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